About Us

We are an interdisciplinary group of addiction specialist,Ibogaine Providers Online and psychologists who work with people with drug and alcohol  dependencies and addictions without substance.
We believe that these dependencies come from stressors that have accompanied throughout your life.
Put focus on abstinence, which is a very strong condition experienced by all people who try to quit addiction is our priority, this is accomplished with our treatment with Ibogaine.
Concurrently, we design a personalized addiction treatment aimed at restoring brain neurochemistry.
Also, we approach the person from the point of view of the individual, family psychology and the environment.

After receiving  treatment with our Ibogaine, you will have a period of clear thinking and feelings.
Take a few days of rest and do not enter immediately into everyday life.
This period serves to order your interior, reflecting the steps, lay the experiences and plan your next steps.
To view in psychotherapy which are different triggers your compulsive behavior and know how to handle them.
To create a proactive awareness out of your addictions.