I am very happy with your customer service and delivery of the product. Your source is good quality, much gratitude to you and the Ibogaine Providers Online. You are all a blessing. I know I will be working with this beautiful spirit in my life, so I look forward to my future journeys when the time is right with Love & Light.

Andrea Barber / UK

I ordered some RB from Ibogaine Providers Online and they called me on the phone this morning and asked me what I wanted it for – I told them for cravings. I wonder if they are trying to keep it out of the hands of kids or verifying the data so they don’t get someone saying someone else used my charge card.

James Crane / USA

Ibogaine Providers Online has been amazing so thankful to have found a trustworthy company they have gone above and beyond to help me and counsel me on the phone. I have tried multiple batches their quality is always great I recommend them to everyone and look forward to do more healing of myself with them.

Justine Peters / Austria

Thank you Ibogaine Providers Online supporting me in part of my healing journey. The experience and results I got from you`re iboga where wonderful, I am full of confidence and don’t feel afraid as I used to. I’m no longer addicted to my destructive habits, I can make a clean start. Iboga is not a magic pill, you have to do the healing, iboga allows you to do the change to a life of taking care of yourself and others.. It is wonderful to have Ibogaine Providers Online staff on the other side of the internet, I trust their product and they’re services! I felt cared for and loved. Thankyou.

Daniel / Germany

Iboga is truly a gift from God.. That’s all I can say.. I was 10 years in deep, and about at the end of my rope.. Convinced that I was going to be a Lifer. I had begun to lose hope. Regardless of my professional career.. Iboga literally gave me a second chance, and then a third chance on life. We must make this gift legal in the US, reduce the treatment fees to. Something manageable for any low income person.. And we can literally heal the world of Addiction.

Craig White / Russia